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Winter Run Guide Service
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This was my first guided trip and was very impressed! Ted is a true profesional and very knowledgeable of the rivers he targets and saftey is always first. Ted put us in the fish and made sure to show me when and where to put my gear for a sucessful trip. I highly recommend Teds WINTER RUN GUIDE SERVICE for a fun and informative float! thanks Ted

Jason F.
I had a great time fishing with Ted, he doesn't just tell you what to do along the river the river he tells why,how, and the reason to use this lure or that lure. I went away knowing more than I came with. The nice hot lunch along the river was great, more than I expected. I already booked my next trip.Beautiful scenery along the Wynoochie and fish in the cooler, what a great day.

Scott H.
Ted is not just a fishing guide, but a teacher. I was impressed with his knowledge level, expertise, and patience! I caught my first steelhead, and I credit Ted's talent and skills. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and the scenery was spectacular!

Ryan P.
Ted was a great guide! My friend and I are new to fishing and decided to go on a guided trip to learn more about the sport. Ted took care of everything. He had all of the gear set and ready to start fishing as soon as we hit the water. He showed us how to cast, then told us when and where to cast. He was also organized and fast at re-rigging the poles when we got the line tangled in a tree…several times. I ended up catching a HUGE Steelhead and have great pictures to prove it! We had a great time and are planning to take our next trip with Ted.

Audra M.
As a longtime salt and freshwater fisherman, I never made it onto a river to chase steelhead. Thanks to you, I found the experience very educational and fun. And we even saw you put one in the net! I would encourage anyone, including a beginner like me, to consider floating a river with you. Thanks for your patience Ted.

Steve W., Federal Way
It was a beautiful January morning, when we pushed away from shore onto the Wynoochee River near Montesano,Wa. My guide, Ted Schuman-, had met me near the River. I don’t consider myself a novice fisherman, but I’m not truly experienced either. Ted on the other hand is very experienced and knowledgeable and within 15 minutes of the float, he put me on a beautiful steelhead trout. After a brief battle, the fish became airborne a mere 10 feet from our boat, looked at me with a smile, and spit the hook. Although disappointed, I felt there would be many more chances as the day went on. Ted guided tirelessly, keeping the boat at just the right speed. He had me fishing with several different rods, depending whether we were bobber fishing, bouncing our bait along the bottom of the river, or fishing a plug (always two plugs, I’ll let Ted explain). It was obvious that Ted knew both the river and the steelhead trout. Is was not until early afternoon, before I hooked and, after an extensive battle, landed a beautiful 16 pound (2-salt) steelhead trout. It was a beautiful fish and was the centerpiece of our extended family dinner the following Sunday. Because of Ted’s unique way of cleaning the fish, it was absolutely delicious. It was an incredible experience and definitely not the last time I will be using Ted as my guide. What a day!

Howard W.